On the Road

I’ve been off line and off the map for far too long now.

What can I say – lots going on and once again, I ignore what I’d really like to be doing, which is writing. But seriously, WTF have I been up to since I last blogged on my birthday – 125 days ago????

Well, let’s go down the jet set-esque list shall we?

Rang in the New Year in Tampa, then I flew home to LA to chill, hike and indoor sky dive for a week. I turned right back around and flew back to Florida to start rehearsals for a new show set to debut at Caesars Palace. On January 16, I checked into my first hotel and spent the next 95 nights between West Palm Beach, Montreal and finished with 72 nights living in a casino in Las Vegas.

And no, I’m not on tour. Crazy right?!?!

Needless to say, I’ve been a bit stifled. Too busy to blog, having not much to share or say – however, I think a bit of laziness and feeling displaced took a bit of my voice away. This time it was me who shut me up versus being shut down by some Swiss wanker. (you know who you are)

It’s been almost 8 months since I last stepped foot on a tour bus and there are days of deeply entrenched withdrawal; longing for a coffin on a tour bus to wake up in an exotic city with a day off to kick around and explore. Then other days where if I never had to shower in a port-a-shower in some random ass festival field in Europe, in the dead of summer, I would be completely fine without it. Although, one will always miss the sound of 60,000 screaming fans, cheering for the band you are lucky enough to work for. And now, I work in Vegas, while living in a hotel room adjacent the venue. It’s almost like being on tour, right?

I once thought touring made life complicated, but no – in reality, being on tour was easy. Now that I’ve a steady gig in one place, I find myself with three residences; two on each coast and one in the desert. What???

Yep. I live in the hotel in Vegas when I work, I rent a lovely little beach house near my family in Florida and I also rent an amazing guest house in the Hollywood Hills, in the city I love and also where my new boyfriend lives. Good god – I think I need to tour again to simplify. I have no solution to my current conundrum but I guess I will hold down the forts to see what happens next. I know for a fact I sometimes take on too much and do too much but in reality – it feels like never enough.

Oh dear – I have quality problems.

  1. Gayle says,

    you are amazing girl. amazing.