On the Road

Hello! I’ve entered a blogging contest and below is my 400 word essay.

Please hop to this link and vote for me and when I win, one of you will be joining me!


Having traveled over a million miles, by way of 223 cities in 48 countries just to go to work, I can attest to the life of a global nomad. I wear the title and know it quite well. Going to work for most doesn’t ordinarily require perpetual travel but for me, it always has. I’ve seen glorious landscapes from countless airplane windows and have gazed at magnificent cities in what could be a painting by a famous artist but it’s actually the view from my hotel window. I peer into the vastness of the city before me and marvel, hoping to get a moment to savor just a morsel of its offering.

Only 5 of these cities, in 5 different countries have been for holiday, hence my desire to win this contest and travel for pleasure. My cliffs-notes journeys around the globe, has left me with an insatiable desire to travel well after the work is done. I’ve always felt at home anywhere in the world. From Christchurch to Cologne, Johannesburg to Jakarta, Belgrade to Barcelona, Tel Aviv to Tulsa – home is where the hotel is and I am always happy to pack up and go.

If selected, I would like to invite all of you on my globe blogging journey, documenting each step of the way with traditional blogging and by video blogging. For those who aren’t in a position to travel or for those who may be sick and unable to travel, I’ll travel for them, bringing the world right into their living room. Experience the world as I experience it, be there with me – see it, hear it and feel it. Interacting not only with those around me locally but also with those globally. My virtual followers will now become my leaders and make suggestions of things they’d like me to do, things they want me to see and experience on my trip. I’d incorporate their virtual wishes into my travel plans so we could share the experience together.

Winning this contest isn’t for bragging rights it’s for blogging rights. Allow me to entertain you while we satisfy our constant cravings to explore and get lost somewhere in the world. Won’t you be my travel partner?

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Flash back....

A reminder to recollect and reminisce.

Seminole High School – Class of 1990 graduated 7344 days ago.

So, what the hell have I done since June 7, 1990?

I’ve been “Rock Star adjacent” for most of my adult life and have worked with some incredibly talented people in the Radio, Film, Television and Live Concert industries. And I’m not finished yet.

I’ve circumnavigated the globe well over 14 times, having flown over a million miles. I’ve hiked the Great Wall of China, rode on top of an elephant in South Africa. I’ve been atop the Eiffel Tower countless times, climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge at sunset to see the Opera House glow against the city skyline. And also eaten sushi at 6am while roaming the stalls of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Montreal, Las Vegas, Florida and hotels all around the world. I have friends all around the globe and can escape to visit them anytime. I’ve written a screenplay. Still working on my book. I’ve gained weight. I’ve lost weight and gained it again. I’ve fallen in love, got married, got divorced – still searching for love and at 37, still haven’t found love nor been given the chance with anyone to create it. It’s been busy 240 months and I hope I’ve made the most of it. But have I?

As I write down just a few things I’ve done, yes, I guess one could say I’ve made the most of it. However, I don’t fully concur. Facts can appear impressive, or perhaps cool, but really how can anyone quantify if they’ve made the most of anything? I suppose if you question whether you’ve made the most of something or not, I suspect not.

What are the life mile markers to indicate if you’re on track, or that you’re behind or way ahead? How do you share what you’ve done with others without alienation? Because its how I feel most of the time, like an alien. My lifestyle and reference points drastically differ from most people on the planet. I’m a little quirky and don’t fit in as easily as I thought. Perhaps having done more miles than most, my markers are quite diverse and at times hard to find.

As I prance and frolic down memory lane, with an occasion pit stop to lull over a photo from way back when, I stare deeply at a glossy 4 x 6 and wonder if he and I thought we’d be together forever? Did our little group of BFF’s think we’d go to the same college, travel together and then settle down and live on the same street to have a family with lots of kids? What were we thinking when that 35mm camera, film processed at Eckerd Drugs in one hour with double prints free, snapped and froze us in time? Had we any clue where we would be 20 years forward of when that photo was taken? And why did I think a hair style like that was cool, reflecting back 20 years?

Next time I say, I’ve done nothing, I am going to read this blog and remind myself to shut the fuck up, smile and be happy that I at least grew out of the big cotton candy Cyndi Lauper hair phase.

Good god that hair!

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