At home decompressing Upcoming Attractions!

I received an email from Chanel titled, “An exciting new chapter in Chanel Lipstick history begins today!” And I thought, wow – if a lipstick gets to have an exciting new chapter then why can’t my life have the exact shared excitement as a $ 30.00 lipstick??? The wait is over! Surely, I am worth more than a tube of lip rouge.

And with this spam awakening, I turn over the leaf; discover a blank page in my passport that needs a stamp and move forward into the next life chapter. It’s sometimes best to look forward than to reflect where you’ve been because it’s so easy. I’m making a vigilant effort to untangle my subconscious mind to figure out what that next chapter will contain and how to write it. Will there be another world tour? Perhaps, I move somewhere new and start fresh? Maybe a new career path? Will I meet some exciting stranger and we fall madly in love? Maybe I win the Power Ball and travel to distant lands to help those less fortunate? Could it be all those things? Any way I write it, it’ll be some well need fresh air and I’m desperate for some excitement.

In order to reinvent my life, I cannot move forward without looking back. Revisiting the all the trips & embracing the journey around the world and the lessons they hold so I can recreate history anew. I need a new perspective on the past to see different possibilities for what’s ahead. I’m already stressed by the conflict of maintaining the status quo and the desire to break out of my rut. I need to stop worrying about time because it doesn’t worry about me AND it’ll just continue to feed my frenzy of impatience.

Surely a woman who creates her own job is the woman to win fame & fortune and who will also meet the man and have the proverbial “all.”

I declare!

Watch out world! Blonde and beyond! Up, up and away!

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On the Road

The World Wide Web is the bestest worst invention of our time. A communication marathon with no end in sight and are we really typing anything worth saying?

Aren’t we supposed to feel more connectedness with this amazing technology?

I don’t.

I feel very disconnected because I choose not to be in tune with the daily gossip.I watch very little TV and pay no attention to the news and could truly careless about today’s top tweets. Yes, yes I know – I’m a hypocrite because I too twitter. However, I do so out of feeling like I am suppose to. But really no one gives a shit about it, they just need a distraction. We’re a nation, distracted.

Just because you feel tuned in doesn’t make you in touch. Strike that, our world is distracted.

Today, I attempted to tune out all distractions and tune into myself. I chose not to leave my hotel room. I slept in, got up and had room service and then took a nap. I caught myself checking email and stopped. I choose NOT to give two poops about it. I don’t want to feel like I must be connected at all times because the longer one is connected, the further the disconnect from oneself.

It’s sad to see people sitting in a park, at a bar or on a plane staring at a square. You can see the preoccupation with what ever is on their screen, oblivious to others around them, preoccupied to the exclusion of all else.

We twitter more and talk less. Twe’ve lost the art of connecting with another human being unless we use the platform called Facebook. We wake up and take our computers to the toilet for a poop and instant message via Skype. We text morning, noon and night. When we do make a call, we secretly hope for voice mail. This amazing invention that should draw people closer, make the world a smaller place and more accessible to keep in touch and meet new people from around the world, however it’s become the modern day decline of articulation, conversation and decorum.

I declare it has us scared in the corner because without a glowing screen and a key board – we don’t know what to say. The alter egos cannot leave the computer long enough to walk outside and meet someone organically and sit down to talk with out checking the blackberry because we welcome the diversion that someone just friended us. As I type this, I hear birds chirping in the park across from my posh Boston hotel room. The sun is setting, the city is all a glow in golden grandeur and warm breeze is glorious and the church bells in the distance ring to let me know its 8pm.

Now get the fuck off your computer, stopping reading my bullshit and go outside.

The internet makes us all obtuse.

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