On the Road

Day 7 of 10 in a rehearsal studio, this time is all about getting to know my new instant oatmeal family. They are brown sugary sweet! As I make the rounds meeting everyone, learning and retaining over 50 names that will revolve in my world on a daily basis for the next 12 weeks, I also discover the tours other people have been on. For some, this is their very first tour. And I think, how exciting – I was once in their shoes, eager anticipated confusion however, I want them to enjoy the journey & succeed! While hoping they can adapt to the challenging silliness of it all. We’ve a few challenging cities ahead!

Some have toured with the prestigious names in rock & roll, while traveling and slumbering in the style of five star hotels, basking in days off in glorious cities around the globe. Enjoying in their condos AKA tour buses with only 6 people. While others survived living on a slave ships AKA tour bus that sleep 20 or more and never having a moment’s peace between the porno & debauchery of it all and having only traveled in North America.

Tour hierarchy ranks from club tours while sleeping, living and eating (among other things!) in a 15-passenger van. Then we progress into doing festivals with hundreds of bands, doing 20 shows in a row with ZERO days off all the while showering in parking lots with a pocket solar sun shower. Next stop? Shitty theatres in Europe, to golf courses & vineyards in the Middle East and South Africa to being coddled and nestled in Four Season hotels with every other day off because the artist they work with cannot sing more than one show without a day of vocal rest.

Most in the biz have done the full spectrum of touring, going thru the ranks to then graduate onto arenas and stadiums. However, not all have tasted the colour of the Skittles rainbow. Me being one of them; therefore I must acknowledge that I am a modest snob.

Strangely, bizarrely & oddly enough my first tour was sold out arenas and stadiums. Twelve years ago, my start was to naively believe that doing two sold out shows at the Stade de France, capacity of 80,000 people each night, was normal. Eighteen months and a few trips around the world later, every tour I was lucky enough to land followed suit. Outside of the occasional appearance at a festival, as the headliner for the festival – my world has been arenas, theatres and a few stadiums. However, I must declare one artist I worked with performed in the parking lot of a mall in Venezuela so that could be as strange as I can say its ever been, venue wise.

I am very grateful for my experience but I sometimes feel I like I cheated and started at the top.

Now its time to create, invent & discover what’s above the top.

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