Lost in Thought..... Lost the plot

My baggage fits under the seat in front of me and it also fits in the overhead compartment. Does yours?

Suddenly, I’m faced with the opportunity of ZERO employment.

Neither one thing nor the other while everything is in a state of flux.

Abruptly, I am aware that past performance does NOT indicate future success. Sadly, I must acknowledge as much as I thought I would be touring for the next few years, until I hit the golden age of 40, I may need to shift gears NOW versus later. Time to pave a new path.

I jump on random flights to Montreal and New York in craving of a hug from friends and in the search for myself. Time to reinvent moi-self, however when one continues to stare at the wall paralyzed with indecision, it’s hard to look ahead, it takes fierce effort to move forth.

I maintain the sense of adrenaline rush when flying to another city.

I coddle airports like teddy bears for a sense of home and comfort.

Where the airport lounge resembles my glorious and ficticious living room where a bunch of strangers roam with Tumis, tuned into their hackberries & douche phones. My living room has a dedicated bartender who is there to pour a sumptuous glass of red or to shake a fierce apple martini while I sit all pompous and pretend to have a life but in real life, I used my miles to upgrade from cattle class to first class, merely to avoid luggage fees I cannot afford and to taste elementary school cuisine so I can recall a simpler time. A time where watching Wonder Woman was my hobby and my career was being a 5th grader.

Shit, those were the days. Now the days consist of this woman wondering where the fuck it all went wrong. A time where I trip in the land of the unemployed and it gets me to wonder when being flexible, unattached, going right, left, center, forward and sometimes backwards suddenly becomes all the wrong turns.

Shit, bartender, please pour me my fourth glass of red……

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