Lost in Thought.....

In the final hours of 2009, isn’t it time for us to chew over the past 364 days?

Fact is, we don’t need to embark on a New Year to digest the events of our lives but since it marks the end of an era, I think we all need a mental digestif.

Toast the good and the bad, slowly sip and reminisce. Roll around what this past year has given and what it’s taken away. Swallow hard. Repeat. Now, if slightly stupefied, we just might be ready to move on, leaving behind any disappointments and declare not to tote anything but positive energy into next year. Hopefully we’ve learned something and are willing to apply it in 2010.

For me, 2009 was a very good year. I had my fair share of sorrow and hiccups. Yes, it totally sucked that I missed my best friend’s wedding, and then was totally caught off guard when a dear friend, who knew me better than I know myself, suddenly died of a heart attack. And it totally shattered my world when I had to put my dog to sleep when I was 4,700 miles away and couldn’t be there to hold him as he took his last breath. Ok, so a few sucked beyond suck however, I completed a huge world tour with a very lovely Canadian songbird and I’m happy I saw it through to completion. Then fast forward, jet set to London less than 72 hours of finishing one tour to immediately start the next. From one earned diva to four entitled ones, I started a new journey and started writing the next chapter. I met some amazing new people and reconnected with old friends. I did meet one or two assholes along the way, those who taught me patience and with that giving me the edge to un-nerve them simply for the fact that I won’t stand down. Unfortunately, all I have to show for my year is work related. I have yet to find love, balance but I have reconnected with friends and have made concerted effort to get out of my bubble and be more social.

The overall big picture:    Did I succeed? Yes.

Did I fail? Absolutely.

Did I repeat any old mistakes? I certainly did.

Did I grow & retard at the same time? Toujours!

Every end brings a beginning. A kick-off fresh start marking the end of another chapter in our lives…whether we’re ready to turn the page and write or not.

Ciao 2009! Bienvenue 2010!

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