Lost in Thought..... On the Road

Hiatus is officially over. Boo hoo hoo……

That lovely interruption & suspension from touring bedlam, its madhouse intensity has now resumed and consumes my life. My feet firmly planted on the ground, my head still in the air, flying to another land. Greetings from Japan!

The tour is off to a pretty good start but then again, working in Japan is always an organized efficient pleasure. And thankfully the raw fish & rice make the jet lag much more palatable.

As I recline my chair on the bullet train, gliding along the rails at 186 mph, I become lost in thought, time and space. I think of busy show days, work visas, wondering what I’ve forgotten to do while loathing the upcoming gruelingly long travel days. I can no longer thwart off my future, it will arrive as quickly as I do to the next train station.

Today, I start count down mode: Day 13 of 64. And on the 65th day, my tired ass will be home! As another train whizzes past, it snaps me from where ever I am and I can’t help but wonder if that train represents my life passing me by. I come and go so quickly and so frequently, is it any wonder it can’t keep up?

One great thing touring does is that it forces us to live in the moment, with the ever-changing environment, how can one ever get too comfortable or complacent? And now I’ve just spent thirteen days of locomoting through three cities, to do six shows. All the while consuming gratuitous amounts of sushi, drinking my weight in sake, exploring Mount Takao & wandering thru the bonkerness of Tsukiji Fish Market at 5am and now off to Singapore we go!

No turning back because to hurtle forward is the only way to the terminus of a tour.

I think I’m ready but ready or not, here I am!

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