Lost in Thought.....

It’s very easy to be the broken record and declare, “This year I will save money, get out of debt, lose weight and try something new, blah blah blah.” Although these are great ideas to work for and achieve, we usually fail ourselves because we don’t know how to make them into achievable goals. We send our wishes to the universe but make no strategy to get it out of our head onto paper and into reality. We get busy, bored, we forget, we get off track and stay off track; then next year, the blah blah debuts itself again.

Resolutions should be from NOW forward and not because it’s a new year. Our choices should be for a lifetime towards growth, not just a one-time event.

My New Year full of hope, challenges, changes and dreams.


Just say no! To self-defeating thoughts; self-punishment no more! I will stop convincing myself that I can’t get a date to save my life. It’s about time I acknowledge and accept that my lifestyle is crazy but it doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of love and a boyfriend. I know the extreme nature of me makes such an endeavor tricky and that more sweet once attained. I no longer choose to believe he isn’t out there.


2009 I will stop being neglectful of me. If I continue to neglect me I will certainly neglect you. If I become more selfish, some of you might applaud. This year I will discipline myself to carve out time to feed my soul though writing. Life cannot be all work and no play. I need play – I need creativity, I don’t need to generate another day sheet do I?


2009 is the time to stop being so rigid and strict. I know I think I can do everything – but I can’t. I should never try to do it all and I’m exhausted for trying. Its possible that all this time I’ve thought I was Wonder Woman but I’m not – and I’m ok with that. I choose to accept it even though I’ll still wear the heels and on occasion, the tiara.


My lofty goal for 2009 is to get a book deal and sell my screenplay. If I would just get out of my way and allow myself to succeed, I know I can achieve this goal. Although, you may think it’s impossible but I believe it is possible and if I push fear of failure out of my sight – I might just see this to reality.

I wish you the very best for 2009 and every year after that!

Wish me luck.

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