At home decompressing

When you’re frustrated, pissed off and totally out of sorts……..just STOP.

Stop dead in your tracks and change the point of view.
Don’t continue on the dead end highway of Angerville. Because whatever
is bothering you, in the grand scheme of things, is probably not a big deal.

Leave your office and walk around the entire building.

Lay upside down on your couch.

Sleep sideways in the bed.

Drive a different path to work.

If your stuck in a venue – instead of watching the show from the floor with the audience, go to the highest point of the venue and watch the show from there.

Make it mandatory that no matter where you are in the world – you get outside to see the sunset.

Conserve your energy for an issue or situation that demands your undivided attention, something requires the utmost of care. Don’t dwell on simple irritations, try to see the bigger picture and embrace it.

Take the time to see the world, your world, from another point of view – only then will you see a picture different. And if you don’t like the view, you can go back to that comfort zone and continue being bothered by whatever it is that is plaguing you. Rest assured, if you let it trouble you – it will be there when you return from your mental hiatus. Consider it a bathroom break if the change of view doesn’t change your attitude.

Be thankful. Just be.

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