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Dear Diary,

Into the itty-bitty hours of 4 am, a limo waits for us to emerge from yet another club to finally whisk us back to the L’Ermitage Hotel. A slice of pompous sleeping luxury, which is nestled in the egotistical heart of Beverly Hills. And again, another repeat of the night before and many nights & weeks before, for I’m allegedly the responsible one. Always laying down the black card to pay the bar tabs, keeping those groupies at bay or rounding them up and making sure everyone is having their proverbial fun. I’m frequently out until the wee hours babysitting those adorably desired-by-all rock stars and sadly, I can’t drink too much because it’s hard to manage superstar drunk if you (your assistant self) are drunk.

This afternoon, I awoke to the California sun beaming into in my immoderate, well-appointed suite here in La la Land. We have a show today but first I need to wake up my elusive, sex-on-wheels rock star and take him shopping for some tight black leather pants at the Beverly Center. To mere mortals, the thought of his presence – breathing the same air as him, is sure to cause chaos and heart palpitations. And now I will make their thoughts reality, especially with those rubbernecking tourists. But for most Angelenos, they’re celebrity in their own right because they live in LA. And if you live in LA, work in LA and if by chance you actually work with a celebrity – regardless of their stature on the list from A to D – then this somehow makes you a celebrity too! And for them, seeing a top of the charts rock star du jour in real life at the mall is like pumping gas or stepping in chewing gum.

Yep! I was right chaos ensues and we narrowly escape the paparazzi and the vacationist fans as we run down the service hallway behind Louis Vuitton. Were out the door, into the limo and off to the venue we go!

Sound check, then catering, off to grease him up to slip on those way too tight black leather pants then off to meet & greet we go. Smack his bottom and send my little rock star onto the stage with 15,000 people screaming his name.

The music takes over. The energy high. This life; surreal.

The limos are standing by. Our police escort is in place and the jet ready to go wheels up. One more encore and we are out the door. Off to the next city, onto the next another adventure. All in the day in the life of…………

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