On the Road

We’ve escaped, now in hiding, behind our computers.

Reaching out to anyone we want, instantly and when they bore us, all we have to do is log off or hide behind the status of “away.”

Texting is to be forgiven for not calling. IM-ing is to conceal the fact you can no longer write a letter, let alone compose an email.

It’s a lazy way to communicate but it’s a brilliant way to conduct business and never actually talk to anyone. Yet no one seems to care that ideas and declarations become lost in translation.

We say more with a keyboard and less when on the telephone, and much less when we’re together. That’s why each of us set our crackberries & silly little iphones on the table of a posh little restaurant over a $ 100 lunch. Offending each other throughout the meal by checking our messages because something exciting or someone more intriguing is simply sending us a text or IM-ing us in real time. We cannot entertain each other when we are face to face. But later, when that little pop up window pops up, I’ll tell you it was great having lunch with you and talk now via electronic means because we’ve simply forgotten how to engage in real life. It’s scary out there – it’s safer here, behind this glowing screen.

Our little pop up windows compel us say things me might not normally say. We say things that neither of us have ever any intention of ever doing. It’s the evolutionary demise to communication, as we once knew it.

If you’ve something to say – pick up the phone or better yet, wait until you see the person and can touch their skin. It’s far too easy to fire off a saucy text, it’s much too easy to be abrupt, rude and log off without saying goodbye in mid-conversation, and it’s a glorified form of A.D.D.

Technology designed to bring us closer, put you in the reach of loved ones but yet we say less, text more, lose the art and ability to hold in real time, a conversation.

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