On the Road

It’s so entertaining to watch the boys lay it on the table, to see who’s bigger man. As if arguing and comparing will instantly deem one a winner over all others. Yell the loudest, stand the tallest, be the quickest of wit. And I say; go on then – compare all you’d like….unless you have a set and are willing to use’em – who cares who thinks he’s the bigger man? Status is nothing if you have no gusto. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you’re doing. Past glories won’t always lead to present results nor to future success. One can have plenty of experience at failing and with that, you can say you’re a success at that. Just because you’re blessed with that “something special” doesn’t mean you’ve figured out how to make the most of it, despite having convinced the world otherwise. The world may think you’re untouchable, someone to aspire to; setting the example for others to follow. The sad thing is that you’ve convinced everyone but yourself. So now what?

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At home decompressing

Waking up to waves crashing on the shore, on the edge of an island, in a stilt house built over the sea. I’m in a serene state of mind unlike 48 hours ago at the final show of the tour. The sea breeze caresses and rests upon my skin. Its salty, humid essence engulfs me.

I walk thru the gardens to enjoy breakfast by the pool. I am still. I am calm. Gosh, I wish I could stay this way forever but today I must leave and continue my journey. The last few days here have helped me to cleanse the 9 weeks of tour from my system. Exhaustion and frustration still linger yet the last few days here have lessened their impact on my psyche.

I make my way back to mainland Malaysia by way of ferry. On the flip side of the ferry awaits a Mercedes sedan to take me back to the city and after a 4 hour car ride through rural fields we emerge into the city of Kuala Lumpur. I’m on the midnight plane to start my 31 hour journey home to Florida, and I take with me the salt air, sweat and the grit of the city. From Kuala Lumpur to Seoul. Seoul to Newark. Newark to Tampa – I think I’ve covered enough of the earth’s circumference for one long ass day.

The serenity of the island transcends me all the way home, back to my stilt house on the beach – on the other side of the planet. With my toes buried in the sand, I try desperately to digest the last 9 weeks constant motion; of constantly feeling like a fish out of water and chronically unfulfilling work – trying to make sense of it all. I’m not confident I will continue on the present path but I am quite thankful for where it’s taken me. I am ever so grateful for where I’ve been. It’s possible I may have outgrown this one and that scares the hell out of me because when you outgrow something – it’s time to grow into something new. And if you don’t challenge yourself to grow, where else can you go?

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On the Road

Life on the road………………

Watching a crew member bid on a state-of-the-art RV on ebay, the opening bid:

$ 179,000.00

Hotel incidentals after a 12 day stay:

$ 139,000.00

Over weight and extra luggage fees for one flight from Dubai to Tokyo:

$ 15,000.00


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