Lost in Thought.....

I dare you to tell me the truth. I challenge you to be bold and ask me something, anything. I compel you… summons me to tell you some truth.

Are you curious of my dilemma? Avowal; it’s simply to meet a man. A man who has a curiosity about me, about life…hell, about anything! Someone who wants to get to know me and not just because of my unique job, my crazy celebrity boss or what connection I might have for a show they want to go to for free.

One of the biggest hazards to this career is actually the career itself. It trumps everything about you. It takes center stage; it steals your thunder while actually bestowing upon you power. As one door opens in your career, another door closes in your personal life. And for me, the door to my personal life has been sealed shut for quite some time.

Contrary to some beliefs, dating someone in the touring world is harder & far more complicated than meeting a man in the real world. If you work together, one must be suspect of the interest shown. In my experience, it’s usually to gain insider information about the upcoming tour schedule, get on your good side to get better airline seats, quicker check-in at hotels and preferential treatment. And usually, you are the mere layover (literally) until he goes home to the girlfriend he neglected to tell you he still lives with. Since you take care of everything on the tour, if he shares your hotel bed, he’s confident his stuff will get done quicker, his requests fulfilled, free Starbucks daily and he’ll happily take advantage of you and all you do. Then, when the tour is over and so are you. Once home and away from him, your subconscious takes over and for the next several weeks you find yourself shouting “wanker” at random. It’s like performing an exorcism.

There you have it, grist for the gossip mill…….

I defy someone to prove me wrong.

Silence speaks volumes; no action is still an action; no decision is still a decision.

I’m up for a challenge, are you? Go on, I dare you.

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Lost in Thought.....

Our status in the food chain is dependent upon the environment in which we puff our parade and are tailgated by our entourage.

If you’re a celebrity apprentice, instantly you become a celebrity by association. Which means everything comes easily, swiftly and money is no object. People call you back and stroke your ego because of who you work for.

Hand-me-down fame; your famous employer makes you a social celebrity which means everyone your connected with is a celebrity too! From the dry cleaner that presses the dirty knickers, to the housekeeper that knows how much of a pig your famous person is and hides so many dirty secrets from Perez Hilton…… But sadly, if you find yourself sans celebrity – doors shut, no one calls you back and you have to reinstate your civilian status.

Thankfully, having been taught under the tutelage of greatness, you’ve learned to elude the title of “civilian.” One can appear to be someone of importance, merely by their own inflated sense of self. One might frequent a Starbucks, where the staff know your name and for big shot sake, you know theirs. Your drink is promptly made the moment you grace them with your presence. Always superseding the line, whisk the coffee from the barista’s hand and off you go. No longer do you pay because of your caffeine offender status, the air of being larger than life and of course, putting a 20 spot, weekly, in the tip jar gives you clout that the other mere mortals in life haven’t got…… gumption, guts & the right to entitlement. If they think you’re somebody then by golly! they feel like somebody too!

Isn’t that what celebrity is? The illusion of something so great, so untouchable that when you are graced with its presence you can’t help but want to emit that same “Je ne sais quoi” so others will feel the same way about you? Whether notable on the concert stage, a theatrical luminary or simply being yourself in your living room with your family at Christmas; one person always takes the floor, stands forever in the spot light and seems to do something everyone else cannot. And even if we don’t know what it is – we want it.

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Lost in Thought.....

2007 was a colossal year of adventures in touring this fabulous globe of ours.

2007 certified me to be a “huge ass failure” in my futile attempts at having a relationship.

2007 invoked within me deviceful writing & stimulating stories. Having improved upon my novelist endeavors because its been my only aperture from the chaos.

This past year contained ten months of globe-trotting with two amazing artists and I close the year in Las Vegas, preparing for the next world tour. Another tour that once again, will take me & the world by storm for many, many months to come. Despite my perceived hardships, I feel I’ve emerged demiurgically. Feeling more powerful, a creative force. And now 2007 is done & dusted. I’m moving expeditiously into 2008.

2008 is the year my book will come to completion & the year for a book deal.

2008 could be the year I meet Mr. Right and hopefully not Mr. Right Now.

2008 will be a year I give more time to myself.

We all need to STOP to reflect & digest. Where did it begin? How did we arrive to where we currently stand? When might the course of our lives change?

If we don’t know where we stand, how can we know where we’re going?

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