At home decompressing

Today, I dispel sarcasm & negativity

Today, I am beholden for my family, my friends and my colleagues.

Forever, I am thankful for my brother. Not only for the excessive amount of Christmas trees he acquired, via dumpster diving, so I’d have my choice to decorate once I arrived home for my 72 hour sojourn but for so many other things…………

Today, I give consideration to the universe for giving me such amazing experiences all year long.

Today, I am thankful and overly appreciative.

Tomorrow, the sarcasm will certainly return but the negativity shall remain in the past. To not be brought forth into 2008.

And today, I wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

Not “PC” – but very apropos.

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On the Road

That’s Las Vegas baby. Hundred dollar millionaires & thousand dollar billionaires.

We all know at least one but if you live here, you’re bound to encounter a dozen or more over the course of 10 minutes, in any given casino. Hell, even at the neighborhood grocery. This city’s foundation is built on the sole purpose of getting something for nothing and it offers the ideal of what “happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

A city that deliberately provokes and bestirs the yearning to reinvent your persona during the course of a flight. Vegas summons you to masquerade in the attainable facade of wealth. She offers it to anyone willing acquiesce and make believe. Become anyone you want as there are plenty of shops willing to help you spend the money you don’t have, to create the lifestyle you wish you could afford – but for only a weekend. A weekend where you can live as though it’s actually your life. Revel in the showy misrepresentation of yourself and others. All intentions concealing the reality of every day unpleasantries.

The sad part of this f**ked up equation is that if these people would spend less time pretending and more time doing, they could’ve just stayed home and found a way to make the life they really want happen. Why does everyone come here so eager to play charades to only become someone they’re not – nor, ever be………

A place where women all secretly vie for their “indecent proposal”, a city where men execute new methodology to become the player they really aren’t, but I suppose if you mesh enough people parading around, pretending to be someone they’re not – anything is possible. But then again, what happens here can only happen here.

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