At home decompressing

1st gear: Still eager & unjaded. I’m at home, packing, for the next round of globe-trotting. Excited to soon be in 5 countries I’ve never been before and ten cities I’ve never stepped foot in. Despite having less than 72 hours in each city, I may not see much but I see more than most people ever will.

2nd gear: Bound by excitement and bound to responsibility – there is still work to be done. I am propelled forward with paid travel to exotic lands yet one must pace herself, there is still a gig to do.

3rd, 4th & 5th gears: Skip.

Neutral: Shouldn’t be misconstrued as indifference… it’s purely a moment of repose to acknowledge this lifestyle of global travel, work with celebrities and the constant adrenaline rush – it’s a rare curse of a dream. Even the briefest time at home, civilian life, makes one acutely aware of how rarefied of a deal we possess. Because no one else does anything remotely close to what you do.

Reverse: Begin with the end in mind. Once on the road, you start counting the days until you’re home. Just imagine standing in your living room, in your bed clothes relaxed and comfortable. In order to get back to that happy state, I must get dressed, pack my bags, leave home for a few months to travel the world just so I can get right back to where I currently stand.

6th gear: I’ve just completed a journey of 4 countries, 8 cities & shows. Which equals having flown 23,966 miles in 22 days.

My current location: home.
Days left at home: 4.

Once I leave, the next time I can stand in my living room in my bed clothes: 72 days. And I daftly wonder why I’m still single……

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On the Road

Another journey completed…. well almost. I’ve 23 hours of flying time ahead of me but I’ve completed another leg of a tour. A spectacular round of countries & cities. Really good shows – enthusiastic crowds and I’ve been blessed to witness over a week of South African sunsets.

Yes, there’s loads of work still to be done.

Yes, the travel is most exhausting and no, I haven’t been home in close to a month.

Yes, I am bored of wearing the same clothes over & over.

Sure, I’ve spent way too much on crap hotel internet & room service.

You’re damn right I need to get my fat arse to the gym!

But despite all of that, I’ve rode on top of an elephant, seen lions & rhinos & zebras in the wild. I have stroked the fur of a beautiful,purring cheetah and can now say I’ve been to 3 countries I’ve never been before, in less than a month.

AND yes, I am writing this in yet ANOTHER airport.

I am still dumbfounded by the life I lead. God knows it confuses most of the people in my life….. but damn! I am the luckiest girl in the world and the travel girl in me forever is preparing to board another plane & take to another journey in life. Care to join?

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