Lost in Thought..... Upcoming Attractions!

As I stood underneath the gargantuan Caesar’s Palace Marquee, balancing a glass of 20-year tawny port and chasing it with a mandatory yet celebratory glass of champagne to ring in the New Year, the sky begins to explode in splendiferous color.

It must be midnight! Happy New Year!!! The excitement can be felt & heard from the 314,000 people jam-packed on Las Vegas Blvd.

The sky sparkled in fireworks from Paris, to Planet Hollywood to Caesar’s Palace. Behind me we’re explosions from Treasure Island, The Venetian and to the Stratosphere. And as much as I looked forward, I occasionally looked back to see if I was missing anything.

But I wasn’t.

Every sparkly explosion colorized the sky above me, ahead of me and that’s what matters most. What’s behind was once important but what’s ahead is where I choose to stay focused. Look up and move forward. That’s how I’ve chosen to start and plan to continue into 2012.

Happy Fruit(ful) year dearies!

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