You gotta start somewhere…..

The DPRK is why I started running. Why???  Why not!

My husband and I decided to take an “off the beaten path” trip to North Korea. Yes, North Korea aka The DPRK.  How does one make such a crazy decision, well, let’s just say I’m up for almost any travel experience. Running in the DPRK (link

We booked our trip in October 2013 and we were scheduled to go in April 2014. Months leading up to the trip, we watched the news daily for anything involving North Korea, mostly unsettling news reports but one story intrigued me. The North Korean Marathon was taking place during the week of our trip and we thought it might be interesting to take part. My husband thought watching it would be kind of cool, then his crazy wife said, let’s run the 10k portion of the marathon. It was the first time in the history of the marathon they were allowing amateurs and Americans to participate, which meant running the streets of Pyongyang unescorted.  Who could say no to that!  I’d never run before this decision. I’ve gone to the gym over the years, seen a little progress but  I was pretty much bored of my usual routine and I had put on some newlywed weight.  On  January 24, 2014, we were officially the first Americans to sign up and the very next day, I said hello to Mister Treadmill. I had less than 3 months to prepare and I’m happy to say I completed the 10k in under 80 minutes. Since then, I’ve run in the 5k Bubble Run, the 5k Run or Dye and less than 14 days, I’ll be participating in the Rock & Roll half marathon.  I can’t wait to see where I go from here because a year ago, I would have never thought I would have gone to North Korea,I would have never thought I would be running and actually LOVING IT.

You gotta start somewhere……have fun with it!