First Half Marathon Completed!

My training paid off! I did it! I’ve officially completed my first half marathon!

While I beat myself up over my time, I’m still proud of the fact I did it. I’m just a very fussy person and my need for lip balm, tissues, ipod shuffling and of course, pee breaks just screws up good pacing. If I could just harness and control my inner Miss. Fidgety Pants, I could’ve shaved 20 minutes off my time. Better next time, I will try!

One major thing I did not prepare for was what can happen after the race. You train and eat properly for months. You research and try new gear. You find your groove and routine, what no one really shares with you is what you should do immediately after the race. You must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If you feel drunk afterwards, before a celebratory cocktail, you are already dehydrated!!  I thought I had plenty of gatorade, water and chocolate milk but passing out in a restaurant post race was a clear indicator I hadn’t. I freaked my husband out, people in the restaurant thought I was drunk and I just thought I was sleepy but actually I was too dehydrated to function. For me, passing out was a right of passage. I entered the half marathon club and now, I know what I must do differently to avoid passing out in smashburger!

Time to plan the next. First, a holiday break! Happy Holidays!